Operating voltage range

Input Sensitivity

Audio Output Voltage

Packaging form

A low voltage FM IF detector IC for cordless telephones contains an oscillator, a mixer, a limiter amplifier, an orthogonal detector and a noise detector.

1.8V ~ 5.5V

1.8V ~ 5.5V

80mVrms ~ 120mVrms


Broadband IF IC applied to wireless transceiver, the maximum IF band is 15MHz. Contains IF limiting amplifier, RSSI, and detector.

1.8V ~ 8.5V


60mVrms ~ 160mVrms


Low power narrow-band FM medium amplifier circuit. Contains a mixer, oscillator, FM limited IF amplifier, detector, filter amplifier, sweep control and delay silencing trigger and switching loop.

2V ~ 8V


130mVrms ~ 200mVrms


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