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Shaoxing Silicore Technology Co., Ltd. was originated from 871 factory Shaoxing Branch (Huayue Micro Electronics) and established in 2003. As a fabless company, it specializes in IC design and sales, and has been honored with the National High-tech Enter-prise and Zhejiang Province Software Enterprise certificate.

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With over 30 sets of IC design systems

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The company was established in 2000

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10 major categories of products with over 400 varieties

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Good News | SILICORE Technology was rated as "exemplary organization" in the compilation of Integrated Circuit Industry Series (Zhejiang Volume)

In 2022, the Chairman's Meeting of the Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association was held, and at the same time, a commendation meeting for the compilation work of the "Integrated Circuit Industry Series (Zhejiang Volume)" was held. According to the relevant requirements and spirit of the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the China Semiconductor Industry Association on compiling the Integrated Circuit Industry Series, Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association will organize the compilation of the manuscript of the Integrated Circuit Industry Series (Zhejiang Volume) from 2021-2022. This meeting is mainly to commend the exemplary organization that participated in the compilation of the Integrated Circuit Industry Series (Zhejiang Volume) earlier.