Our R&D Center is responsible for the design and development of new products for the company. The team engaged in IC design for decades and accumulated successful product development experiences. We are proficient in the design of analog circuits, digital circuits, and digital/analog hybrid circuits, especially in the consumption market, including audio and video circuits, communication circuits, universal circuits, power management, and LED driver circuits. Meanwhile, our R&D staff has mastered circuit design technology of BIPOLAR, CMOS, BICMOS, and BCD processes and has the ability to undertake customized design, development, and service of ICs. At the same time, provide customers with independent intellectual property rights system solutions. The R&D center successfully develops more than 30 new products in the past years.

The R&D Center will continue to introduce design talents, improve our research and technical skills, expand product categories, provide customers with competitive new products, and meet the needs of customers in a better way.


Existing Techniques:

(1) Design and mass production capacity of 1-2um Bipolar ICs, with leading position in China.

(2) Design and mass production technology of 0.35um CMOS & BiCMOS & BCD ICs.

(3) Develop IC products with advanced Bipolar & CMOS & BiCMOS & BCD manufacturing technology platform


Existing Product Categories:

◇ Audio and video products

◇ Power management circuit

◇ Communication series circuit

◇ LNB circuit of satellite receiver

◇ Capacitive touch key control circuit

◇ Clock controller circuit

◇ Power tool speed control circuit

◇ Leakage protector circuit

◇ Operational amplifier circuit

◇ Driver circuit

◇ Universal microcontroller