Introduction and Application of D54123 Leakage Protection Circuit

When normal power current flows through, capacitor filtering ensures at least 12V voltage at the VS terminal R1 and R2 can be selected based on the AC voltage value of the power grid used C4 should be greater than 1 μ F. C2 less than 1 μ F RP (100 Ω) protection resistor must be connected The sensitivity of sensing current can be adjusted by the RL resistor If necessary, variable resistors or embedded diodes can be connected in parallel at both ends of the ZCT to prevent distortion of the secondary waveform of the ZCT It is recommended to connect C3 capacitor 0.047 in parallel between Pin6 and Pin7 μ F. Connect C6 capacitor 0.047 between pin1 and GND μ F can remove noise

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