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Narrow Band Intermediate Frequency Amplifier Circuit


Low power narrow-band FM medium amplifier circuit. Contains a mixer, oscillator, FM limited IF amplifier, detector, filter amplifier, sweep control and delay silencing trigger and switching loop.

Operating voltage range

2V ~ 8V

Input Sensitivity


Audio Output Voltage

130mVrms ~ 200mVrms

Packaging form


D3361 is a low-power narrow-band FM if circuit. Includes a complete set of narrow-band FM detection systems capable of operating at supply voltage below 2V. The low-power narrow-band FM intermediate amplifier system includes a second frequency conversion, a second intermediate amplifier, a frequency discriminator, filtering and amplifying, and a mute module which can provide communication and scanning signals. Used in frequency modulation communication switches.


Main features:

● Working voltage range: 2.0V~ 8.0V
● Current loss small ICC=4.0mA typical (VCC=4.0V)
● High input sensitivity (-3dB limit = 2.0μ Vrms are typical.)
● Working frequency up to 60 MHz
● Few external components
● Encapsulation form: DIP16, SOP16




● Frequency modulation communication switch

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