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Narrow Band Intermediate Frequency Amplifier Circuit


Broadband IF IC applied to wireless transceiver, the maximum IF band is 15MHz. Contains IF limiting amplifier, RSSI, and detector.

Operating voltage range

1.8V ~ 8.5V

Input Sensitivity


Audio Output Voltage

60mVrms ~ 160mVrms

Packaging form


D3380 is a high bandwidth intermediate amplifier integrated circuit with a larger 15MHz. The circuit is integrated with a medium amplifier, received signal strength indicator, detector. The circuit is mainly used in cordless telephone, radio, remote control, wireless data transmission and other communication devices. The circuit has low operating current characteristics and can be adapted to low voltage applications such as batteries.
The D3380 uses SOT-23-8L and SOP8 encapsulation.


Main features:

● Wide operating voltage: Vcc= 1.8Vdc ~8.5Vdc
● Low working current: Vcc= 3Vdc typical 2. 9mA
● High sensitivity: -30dBm input signal with 100mVrms output amplitude
● Demodulator bandwidth: maximum 1MHz
● Few external devices




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