Clock Controller Circuit


Serial timing chip

Voltage range

2.0V ~ 5.5V


3-wire serial port

Storage capacity


Power supply working current (maximum timing value)

0.3μA @ 2V ~ 1.0μA @ 5V

Operating temperature range

0°C ~ 70°C

Packaging form


D1380/D1381 is a serial clock holding chip with seconds, minutes, hours, days, dates, months, and years, which can automatically adjust the number of days per month and leap years. D1380/D1381 operates in a low-power mode, using several registers to store corresponding information and a 32.768kHz crystal oscillator to calibrate the clock. In order to use the minimum bow pin, D1380/D1381 uses an I/O port to connect to the micro information processor, using only three bow wires 1 and REST reset; 2. SCLK serial clock; 3. 1/O port data can transmit character sets of 1 or 8 bytes.


main features:

● Working voltage: 2.0V~5.5V
● Maximum input serial clock: 500kHz at VDD=2V
2MHz at VDD=5V
● Working current: less than 300nA at 2V
● Less than 10 at 5V μ A
● Compatible with TTL
● Two data transmission methods: single byte and multi byte transmission (character group method)
● Serial I/O port transmission
● All registers are stored in BCD code format
● Packaging form: DIP8, SOP8



● Microcomputer serial clock
● Clock and calendar

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