Clock Controller Circuit


Real time clock/calendar circuit

Voltage range

1.0V ~ 5.5V


one ² C

Storage capacity


Power supply working current (maximum timing value)

0.6μA @ 2V ~ 0.75μA @ 5V

Operating temperature range

-40°C ~ +85°C

Packaging form


D8563 is a low-power CMOS real-time clock/calendar circuit that provides a programmable clock output, an interrupt output, and a power failure detector. All addresses and data are transmitted serially through the IC bus interface. The maximum bus speed is 400Kbits. After each read and write of data, the embedded word address register will automatically generate an increment.


main features:

● Operating voltage range: 1.0~5.0V
● Low standby current: typical value is 0.25 μ A (V.n =3.0V,Tamb= 25 °C)
● Low working current: typical value is 0.25 μ A (Vn=3.0V, Tamb= 25 °C)
● 400kHz IC bus interface (V=1.8~5.0V)
● Programmable clock output frequency: 32.768 kHz, 1024Hz, 32Hz, and 1 Hz
● Built in alarm and timer functions
● Built in power failure detector
● Built in century logo
● Internally integrated oscillator capacitor
● Built-in power reset function
● I ² C-bus slave address: read, A3H; Write, A2H
● Open drain interrupt pin
● Packaging form: DIP8, SOP8, TSSOP8



● Mobile phones
● Portable instruments
● Fax machine
● Battery power products

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