Capacitive Touch Key Control Circuit

Number of buttons

1 key

Operating voltage range

2.0 ~ 5.5V

Current (Max) - Normal mode

13μA(SLRFTB=0) @ 3V

Current (Max) - Low Power Mode

4μA(SLRFTB=0) @ 3V

Control mode

Multi performance control

Packaging form


TS223 is a touch key detection IC that provides one touch key. The touch detection IC is designed to replace traditional button keys with variable area keys. Low power consumption and wide operating voltage are the DC and AC characteristics of touch keys.
TS223 is packaged in the form of SSOP16 and SOT-23-6.


main features:

● Operating voltage 2.0V~5.5V
● Working current @ VDD=3V, no load, SLRF TB=1
Typical value of 1.5uA in low-power mode, maximum value of 3.0uA
Typical value 3.5uA in fast mode, maximum value 7.0uA
@VDD=3V, no load, SLRFTB=0
Typical value of 2.0uA in low-power mode, maximum value of 4.0uA
Typical value 6.5uA in fast mode, maximum value 13.0uA
● The maximum response time is approximately 60mS in fast mode and 220mS in low-power mode @ VDD=3V
● Sensitivity can be adjusted by external capacitance (0-50pF)
● The selection of two sampling lengths is provided by the selection pin (SLRFTB pin)
● Stable human touch detection, which can replace traditional direct opening and closing keys
● Selection of fast mode and low-power mode provided by the selection pin (LPMB pin)
● Provide direct mode and trigger mode selection by selecting pins (TOG pins)
At the same time, the OpenDrain output mode OPDO pin is also retained as a drain open circuit
(Open Drain) output, Q pin is CMOS output
● Each output mode can be selected by selecting pins (AHLB pins) for high or low level effectiveness
● Maximum output time selection of 100sec provided by the selection pin (MOTB pin)
● External_ Power on reset pin (RST pin)
● After powering on, a stabilization time of approximately 0.5 seconds is required. During this period, do not touch the keys, as all functions are disabledAlways perform self calibration
When the key is not touched, the recalibration cycle is approximately 4.0 seconds



● Extensive consumer products
● Waterproof electrical appliances
● Button key replacement

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