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Voltage Detection Reset Circuit


It is used to accurately reset the CPU system after detecting the voltage of the CPU system or other logic system during power-on and transient power-off.

Reset voltage

2.3V,2.5V,2.7V, 2.9V,3.2V,3.5V

Operating voltage range


Working current(Typ)


Output current


Hysteresis voltage(Typ)


Packaging form

TO92 SOT89 SOT23

D70XX   Voltage detection and reset monitoring circuit
The main function of the D70XX circuit is to accurately detect and reset the CPU system and other logic systems at the moment of system power-on and power-off.
D70XX adopts the package form of TO-92, SOT-89-3L and SOT-23-3L.


Main features:

● Low power consumption: ICCL=300µ A (typical) ICCH=30µ A (typical)
● Reset output minimum working voltage: 0.8V (typical)
● Hysteresis voltage: 50mV (typical)
● Reset voltage: D7019 1.9V (Typical) D7033 3.3V (Typical) D7021 2.1V (Typical) D7034 3.4V (Typical) D7023 2.3V (Typical) D7035 3.5V (Typical) D7025 2.5V (Typical) D7036 3.6V (typical) D7027 2.7V (Typical) D7039 3.9V (typical) D7029 2.9V (typical) D7042 4.2V (Typical) D7031 3.1V (Typical) D7045 4.5V (Typical) D7032 3.2V (typical)



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