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Leakage Protector Circuit


Low power two wire leakage protector control circuit. Built in diode rectifier bridge; Adjustable triggering current; Adjustable delay time; Meet the requirements of UL943 standard.

Typical Applications

Two wire power plug, circuit breaker, and power cord with GFI safety facilities required.

Working current (Max)


Latching time (Ton)


Packaging form


D4140 is a low-power controller used for AC socket electrical leakage circuit breakers. These devices can detect dangerous current paths to ground, such as equipment falling into water. Before a harmful or fatal electric shock occurs, the circuit breaker will disconnect the circuit.
D4140 is equipped with a built-in rectifier bridge, Zener transistor regulator, operational amplifier, current reference, delay circuit, latch, and thyristor driver.
A thyristor external relay, three capacitors, and an external resistor were designed using a circuit architecture. The simple layout and minimum number of components ensure the convenience and long-term reliability of the application.
D4140 adopts packaging forms of SOP8 and DIP8.


main features:

● High input sensitivity (typical VT=6.0mV)
● Direct AC power supply
● Direct drive thyristor with latch output
● Adjustable delay time
● Dedicated to two line systems
● Applicable to 110V and 220V AC power supply
● 350 μ A static current
● Complies with UL943 standard
● Less external components required



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