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Operational Amplifier Circuit


Function Description

Two-channel operational amplifier


V+/V-=±4V~±18V, Icc=5.8mA , Vio≤±5mV, SR=3V/μs, GBP=8MHz

Packaging form


Product Description

D54123    Two-channel operational amplifier

D54123KS4558 includes two independent, high-gain, internally frequency-compensated dual operational amplifiers, suitable for single-supply use with a wide range of supply voltages, as well as for dual-supply operating modes where the supply current is independent of the supply voltage under the recommended operating conditions. Its applications include sensing amplifiers, DC gain modules, and any other use of operational amplifiers where a single power supply is available.

KS4558 adopts DIP8, SOP8 encapsulation form


● Working voltage range: ± 2V~± 18V
● Internal frequency compensation
● High voltage gain (typically 100dB)
● Conversion rate (typical 0.7V/µ s)
● High output current (typical 100mA)
● Large output voltage swing (0 to Vcc-1.5V)
Low input offset voltage and offset current
Low input bias
Wide common-mode input voltage range, including ground
Wide differential mode input voltage range, equal to the power supply voltage range

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