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Voltage Detection Reset Circuit

Function Description

Voltage detection circuit


Packaging form


Product Description


D8128    Voltage detection circuit

The function of the

D8128 is to accurately reset the system in various cpus and other logic systems after detecting the power supply voltage during power on and instantaneous power off.

D8128 adopts the package form of SOT-23-3L.


Low power consumption: ICCL=5µ A (Max.) ICCH=5µ A (Max)
● High precision voltage detection (Max Vs± 3%)
● Typical hysteresis voltage 50mV
● Large output current when starting (typical 15mA)

● Control circuit as battery backup memory
● As a measure to prevent power switch operation error
● Used to prevent instantaneous power failure and other system out of control
Low  as installed in the CPU device reset function, such as printer, PC, VTRs < / p >

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