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PWM Controller Circuit

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SMPS controller circuit


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D7500/D7500F    SMPS controller circuit

D7500/D7500F is a voltage adjusted PWM control integrated circuit. It contains a 5V reference voltage circuit, two error amplifiers, a trigger circuit, a control output circuit, a pulse-width modulation comparator, a dead-time comparator, and an oscillator. The circuit can convert frequencies from 1kHz to 300kHz, and the accuracy of the reference voltage (Vref) is improved. 1% to provide better output voltage adjustment.

D7500 adopts DIP16 encapsulation and D7500F adopts SOP16 encapsulation


● with undervoltage locking function
● Built-in 5V reference voltage source, output accuracy is ± 1%
● Independent output transistor (source current or trap current 200mA)
● Push-pull or single-end can be used to work in two ways. ● Dead zone control (Pin4) Adjustable output duty cycle
● With master or slave oscillator
● Built-in forbid double pulse output circuit

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