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Driver Circuit

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Two-way motor drive circuit


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D6208    Bidirectional motor drive circuit

D6208 is a monolithic bidirectional motor drive circuit that uses TTL level logic signals to control bidirectional motors in cassette recorders and other electronic devices. The circuit consists of a logical part and a power output part. The logic part controls the forward and reverse steering and braking of the motor, and the power output part can provide 100mA (typical value) current according to the logic control.

D6208 is packaged in SIP9 and SOP8 format


● Low noise internal motor driven power transistor (typical 100mA)
● Braking can be applied to force the motor to stop (input A and B are high)
● Built-in protection diode to absorb impulse current
● Input A and B are low level, with very small standby current
● Wide voltage range of working power supply (4.5V~15.0V)
● Direct control with TTL logic signal

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