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Leakage Protector Circuit

Function Description

Special circuit for leakage current protection


VT=6mVrms,IS1=400μs, JIS C 8371

Packaging form


Product Description

D54123    Leakage protector detection circuit

D54123 is a high-speed ground leakage protection circuit with differential amplifier, latch and voltage regulator. It is connected to the zero current transformer (ZCT) and is used to detect the two inputs of the differential amplifier. The differential amplifier is combined with an external capacitor and connected to the input terminal of the latch circuit, and the output is suitable for the characteristics of high-speed leakage circuit breakers. The latch circuit maintains a low level of output before the input voltage reaches the specified value. When the leakage current is greater than the specified value, the output becomes higher and triggers the thyristor connected with the output.

D54123 is encapsulated in the encapsulation form of SOP8 and SIP8.


● High input sensitivity (typical VT=6.0mV)
● Wide operating temperature range (Ta=-20℃~80℃)
● Strong anti-interference and anti-impact ability
● Low power consumption (typical PD=5mW), suitable for 110V and 220V power grids
● Less external devices required

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