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Operational Amplifier Circuit

Function Description

Two-channel operational amplifier


V+/V-=±2V~±18V, Icc=7mA , Vio≤±6mV, SR=3V/μs, GBP=8MHz

Packaging form


Product Description

D54123    Two-channel operational amplifier

D4556 consists of two independent, high gain, output current capacity of the double operational amplifier, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage single or dual power supply, mainly used in audio systems, wireless communications, instruments and other occasions.

D4556 adopts DIP8, SOP8 encapsulation form


● Working voltage range: ± 2V~± 18V
● High voltage gain (typically 100dB)
● Conversion rate (typical 1.0V /µ s)
● Large output current (typical 100mA)
● Large output voltage swing (0 to Vcc-1.5V)
Low input offset voltage and offset current
Low input bias

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