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Leakage Protector Circuit


Function Description

Ground fault circuit breaker controller



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Product Description

D4147    Ground fault circuit breaker

The D4147 is a low power ground fault circuit breaker (GFI) controller used to detect dangerous current paths to ground and ground to neutral line failures. The D4147 application circuit can disconnect the load before the shock causes damage.

The D4147 contains a diode rectifier, a high-precision 12V bandgap shunt regulator, a precision low-VOs misalignment amplifier, a time-delay noise filter, a window detection comparator, and a thyristor driver. With as few external components as possible, the D4147 can detect and protect against live line to ground failures and neutral line to load short circuits.


D4147 circuit contains a built-in rectifier with a low static current and a shunt regulator, so it can be paired with a high-resistance, low-power current-limiting resistor. Built-in shunt regulator with temperature compensation, induction amplifier and bias circuit to provide high precision fault detection to ground. Low VOS misaligned induction amplifiers allow the induction coil to be coupled directly to the feedback end of the amplifier, eliminating the need for large capacity 50/60Hz AC coupling capacitors. The built-in delay filter can filter the high frequency noise spikes in the inductive load and reduce the false harmful trigger. The built-in thyristor driver has temperature compensation, which is designed to meet most external thyristor drive current requirements.

D4147 is packaged with SOT-23-6


● For GFCI and RCD
● Built-in precision induction amplifier and band gap reference
● Built-in bridge rectifier
● Built-in noise filter
● Automatic reset of negative half cycle SCR
● Direct DC coupling to induction coil
● Thyristor Gate Driver
● Adjustable leakage sensitivity
● 400μ A Static current
● Fewer external components required
Comply with UL943 standard
● Suitable for 120V or 220V system
● SOT-23-6 package

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