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Leakage Protector Circuit


Function Description

Low power consumption two - wire leakage protector control circuit


VREG=7.2V,Vref=2.9V,Delay Time=2ms,UL943

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Product Description

D4140    Low power two-wire leakage protector control circuit

D4140 is a low power controller for leakage circuit breakers of AC socket appliances. These devices can detect dangerous earthed current paths, such as when a device falls into water. A circuit breaker breaks the line before a harmful or fatal shock can occur.

The D4140 has a built-in rectifier bridge, Zener regulator, operational amplifier, current reference, delay circuit, latch and thyristor driver.

A thyristor external relay, three capacitors and an external resistor are designed using the circuit architecture. Simple layout and minimum number of components ensure ease of application and long-term reliability.

D4140 takes the encapsulation form SOP8 and DIP8.


● High input sensitivity (typical VT=6.0mV)
Ac direct power supply
● Latch output direct drive thyristor
● Delay time adjustable
● Special for two wire system
● 110V and 220V AC power supply
● 350μ A Static current
Comply with UL943 standard
● Less external devices required

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