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Universal Microcontroller

Function Description

32-bit ARM® CortexTM-M0 kernel based microcontroller


Up to 48MHz, 64KB Flash and 4KB SRAM, 4 communication interfaces, 5 timers/timers, 1 6-channel PWM, 1 12-bit ADC, 1 8-channel TSC. The power supply voltage ranges from 1.8V to 3.6V. Two power-saving modes: Sleep mode and stop mode.

Packaging form



series uses high performance ARM® Cortex™ -M0 32-bit core, maximum operating frequency 48MHz, built-in up to 64KB  FLASH, 4KB SRAM, 2 16-bit universal timers, 2 16-bit basic timers, a watchdog module, 1 SPI serial synchronous communication interface, 1 I2C serial communication interface, 2 UART serial asynchronous communication interface, 1 6-channel PWM, 1 8-channel touch sensing controller (TSC), 1 12-bit SAR analog to digital converter.


D32F031x8x series products adopt TSSOP20, QFN20, QFN32, LQFP32 four packaging types, different packaging has different peripheral configuration.


Main characteristics  

• High-performance 32-bit ARM®   Cortex® -M0 kernel

- Max 48MHz system frequency

- single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier

- Flexible NVIC interrupt

• Storage space

– Maximum capacity 64KB Flash

– Maximum 4KB capacity SRAM

• Embedded system boot program   (boot  loader)

– Max. 4KB boot boot area

• Power supply

– 1.8 V ~ 3.6 V < / p >

• Industrial temperature range

– Industrial grade (-40° C~+80° C)

• Clock

– Support 4~16MHz crystal oscillator

– Embedded 48MHz High Speed RC Oscillator with 1% accuracy

– Embedded 32KHz Watchdog Oscillator

– PLL provides CPU clock



• Low power

– Two power-saving modes: Sleep Mode, Stop Mode

– Support power-on reset   (POR)

– Wake up the processor from stop mode by configuring 8 pin ports

– Power failure detection (BOD) is supported. The two groups of monitoring points can generate undervoltage interrupt and forced reset respectively.

– Integrated Power Management Unit (PMUs)

• 16-bit PWM

– Maximum 3 complementary pairs, 6 independent channel output

– Output automatic dead zone insert

– Hardware-based Fault Protection System

• Universal I/O IO

– Supports up to 27 GPIO pins

• Debugging interface

– Serial single-line debugging   (SWD)

• Up to 4 communication interfaces

– 2 UART serial ports supporting 16-byte FIFO

– 1 I2C

– 1 SPI interface

• Up to 5 timers

– 2 16-bit base timers with support for matching interrupt function

–   2 16-bit universal customizers with support for matching and capturing interrupt functions

– 1 Watch Dog Timer

• Analog peripherals

– 12-bit 1MHz ADC of up to 8 channels

– Supported software, timer matching/capture and PWM overload trigger A/D conversion

– Touch-sensitive Controller with up to 8 channels   (TSC)

• Hard coprocessor

– Support for CRC-CCITT, CRC-16, and CRC-32 standards

– Support single-period 32-bit signed number division operation

– Support angular velocity operator (CORDIC0)

• 1 multi-channel DMA controller, support Timers ADC, SPIs, I2Cs, UARTs and other peripherals trigger



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