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Audio Amplifier

Function Description

Dual channel audio power amplifier


Vcc=3V~12V,Icc=40mA,Gv=45dB(SE), Gv=51dB(BTL)

Packaging form


Product Description

D54123    Dual-channel audio power amplifier circuit

D2025 is a stereo audio power amplifier integrated circuit, suitable for all kinds of pocket or portable stereo sound recorder as a power amplifier.

D2025 adopts DIP16 encapsulation.


● Low noise compensation suitable for stereo or BTL working mode
● Maximum voltage gain 45dB (adjustable by external resistance) Wide range of power supply voltage (3V~12V)
● 3V low pressure can be used normally
No whistling sound when switching machine
● Few external components
● Good channel separation
Soft limit
● Temperature protection

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