Operating voltage range

Accept attenuator gain

Transmit attenuator gain

Power amplifier gain

MIC amplifier gain

Packaging form

The hands-free voice communication circuit is composed of amplifier, level detector, attenuator, monitor, filter and control unit to realize quasi-duplex communication.

3.5V ~ 6.5V

49dB ~ 54dB

49dB ~ 54dB


80dB(open loop)


The single-piece telephone talking circuit incorporates required amplifiers, attenuators, and several control functions, including transmit and receive attenuators, a background noise level detection system, and a attenuator control system that responds to transmit and receive electrical levels better than background noise. A high quality hands-free handle-type loudspeaker telephone system can be made with a peripheral blocking container.

6V ~ 11V

40dB ~ 48dB

40dB ~ 48dB

33dB ~ 35dB

32.5dB ~ 35dB


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